VIRGIN BEACH SONG, by Mike Wolff, loyal guest of VBR

Virgin Beach Resort Music Video



I took a trip to the Philippines;
Where would I go? What would I do?
I was told of a place
Where you can eat and dance and sing;
It's in the north part of Cebu.



 I went to...Virgin Beach, Virgin Beach;
I ate to much at Virgin Beach!
I went to Virgin Beach, Virgin Beach;
I ate too much at Virgin Beach!


They had a lot of food prepared for dinner...

There was chicken, rice, and veggies; how 'bout that!
There was pork and fish and fried rice too...
And pineapple, cut fresh and new...
And Ron made sure that everyone got fat!




After lunch I wanted to go swimming;
I grabbed my gear and went to the sea,
But before I even got inside the water...
I heard Junior calling, with more food for me!




Some folks like to drink a lot of softdrinks;
Some folks like to drink a lot of beer!
One thing I can tell you that's for certain...
You''ll gain a lot of weight here!




In the morning I thought I would do some strolling...
So I left the group and started making tracks;
But before I even got beyond the entrance.
Here comes Junior with a big huge bowl of snacks!




So, if you will forget about your diet,
And you want to eat it all up just like me...
Then, my friend, there's something I just have to tell:
That Virgin Beach is just the place to be!




When you're here you'll meet a lot of pretty ladies;
Buy their meals and they won't eat much, just for fun!
But when the guys get up and stroll off from the table,
That's the time these girls indulge and eat a ton!




At Virgin Beach no one can say that they went hungry;
If you miss a meal then it's your own fault!
Perhaps you drank too much and slept right thru breakfast,
Or you swam too far and swallowed to much salt!




Now the group will spend a great day island hopping;
We'll spend some time at Malapascua Beach.
There's some food on board--enough to feed an army;
It's a pig, some fish, and a couple chickens each!




Some of the food contains an awful lot of calories,
And watch the fat and salt in all you eat,
At Virgin Beach, if you don't keep a sense of caution,
You'll look down and you'll no longer see your feet!




We rose before the dawn to see the sunrise;
We saw the colors overtake the shades of grey.
In the air there was the scent of something cookin',
And we knew that our next feast was not far away!



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  • Ron (Wednesday, March 23 11 06:01 pm EDT)

    Special thanks to Anric and Paul for a great job on the Virgin Beach Resort Music Video. Looking forward to another project next year. Thanks to all the bikini girls, our Japanese friends and my new
    friend Stefan from Sweden. Hope you enjoy the video as much as did making it.

  • Klondike (Thursday, November 17 11 10:01 am EST)

    Got it! Thanks a lot again for hielpng me out!

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