Guests Comments From The Past

  • Thadz Engaling(Saturday, September 10 16 12:33 pm EDT)

    A nice quiet place to stay at for some solo time or an intimate time with family and loved ones.

  • Pearl(Saturday, May 14 16 10:28 am EDT)

    Been to different resorts, and this one's one of my top picks! The staff was friendly and approachable, the food was amazingly delicious (thumbs up to calamares and breakfast meals), and the room
    rates are really affordable (we stayed in the superior room for P1000/night inclusive of breakfast. Thanks to their promo). Walking around the resort, I realized it's a great venue for team building
    activities and a romantic place for couples. Would come back next summer if time permits!

  • john andrew bacus(Wednesday, February 10 16 08:34 pm EST)

    interested to come and visit your resort :) where so excited

  • Jungie Ramirez(Tuesday, November 03 15 01:47 am EST)

    soon will be there with my family...

  • Vanessa Somera(Monday, May 18 15 12:03 pm EDT)

    Looking forward to visit this place next year summer 2016 with my family.

  • Henry Stalvey(Monday, March 24 14 01:18 pm EDT)

    My first visit to Virgin Beach Resort was September 2013 as my girlfriend and I stayed and enjoyed the entire month there as it was quite an experience. We truly loved it so much we returned for
    another visit the entire month of December 2013. Arriving at the resort I really did not know what to expect but when we arrive we saw the extensive damage because the resort had taken a direct hit
    from typhoon Yolanda and frankly I was surprised they were still open for business. The damage was extensive and I was a little concerned about not having any electricity, however my concerns were
    immediately dispelled because they already had a plan in place when guest arrived. We spent another wonderful month there and even without full time electricity everything was great. Needless to say
    I was extremely impressed again with their staff especially under the conditions, they did anything and everything to please us and make our stay memorable once again. We enjoyed 2 hours of air con
    during the middle of the day and at 5pm they would run the generator so we could have air con and electric power during the night until 5am the next morning. I cannot say enough about everyone
    associated with the resort and that is why we are returning again in April 2014 to Virgin Beach for our 3rd visit in the past 6 months... I don't think I could go anywhere else in the Philippines and
    enjoy my visit the way I always feel at Virgin Beach. And bye the way, the foods are always good also.....

  • cleofas yuson(Thursday, May 02 13 10:31 pm EDT)

    Hello everybody! Personally, I find Virgin Beach Resort very nice. The staffs are friendly, the beach is tranquil, the pool is great. overall, I really had a good time at the resort. you can also do
    visit my blog for my travel experience in Virgin Beach resort:

  •, February 27 13 10:58 pm EST)

    nice place

  • elizabeth panganiban(Saturday, February 02 13 09:42 am EST)

    wow ang ganda tlaga ng resort,i wl recomend 8 to my frens,parang gusto ko ng atang pumunta dyan sa cebu.

  • Robbie(Monday, October 08 12 12:16 pm EDT)

    The place was nice, me and my wife went there last september was very nice, relaxing and the food was great. hope we can go back there again, we loved cebu and virgin beach resort made us
    love it more.

  • Emhamutd(Monday, September 10 12 08:49 am EDT)

    Juniebelle - Nice jud imo mga works prmi, avid fan jud kaayo ko since katong kaw ngcvoer sa wedding sa ako sister. Kato gud ila Joman and Tetet, hehehehe..hopefully, kaw ako photographer sa ako
    wedding sad pero mga 5-7 years from now pa..hahahahaha All the best, Mark.

  • Isaac(Wednesday, August 29 12 05:15 pm EDT)

    Spent the day at the resort and had a great time. Kids rode the zip line and had so much fun. Swimming pool was great with the fast water slide. Keep up the good work, Virgin Beach Resort.

  • janice hernan(Wednesday, March 14 12 08:02 pm EDT)

    we choose to go to virgin beach resort for the gowns pictorial even we know this resort is a fair bit away from our place and we are not mistaken to choose this very quite,nice accommodating
    resort...we really enjoy the place...the view is fantastic..and they serve yummy foods...the rooms are affordable as we stay to the 12 person room...i can say virgin beach resort is the best...u
    surely miss the place when time of leaving and will say i shall return...

  • myles manzanares(Saturday, March 10 12 09:56 am EST)

    so nice beach!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cille of Penfires(Wednesday, February 22 12 08:05 am EST)

    There is no better place in Daanbantayan than to stay in VBR. VBR is perfect for incentive trips and barkada getaways. It's affordable and you don't have to cross to any island as its on mainland
    Cebu. We enjoyed our stay in VBR, we got lots and lots of pics everywhere in the resort. You Rock! Thanks VBR!

  • cedric Lucero(Sunday, August 28 11 08:51 pm EDT)

    Filipino hospitality at its best. Staff were very accommodating.

    Will recommend this resort to my friends.. :-)

    God Bless! :-)

  • Ashley Robert(Tuesday, August 23 11 11:18 pm EDT)

    -We just our team building in Virgin Beach resort. Last August 20-21, 2011. The resort was nice and very quite. Its perfect for unwinding, relaxing to relieve the stress from work. The staff was very
    accommodating, she provided us everything from the utensils, plates, cooking stuff and much much more. We will definitely recommend your resort to our other colleague.

    Ashley from Team 11 D'Tactics

  • Mark Anthony Maranga(Monday, July 25 11 10:46 pm EDT)

    Virgin Beach Resort is one of the best places to stay in the northern part of Cebu. They not only have clean rooms and a spacious area, they also serve mouth-watering dishes. The best thing about
    this beach resort is that family members who don't like salty waters can choose to stay at the swimming pool. The hospitable crew members, especially Jomar and Nikka, are always there to assist you.

  • Giggi(Saturday, May 14 11 10:59 am EDT)

    I have been at Virgin Beach Resort in 2005, nice place, nice food and nice staff. Was my first time in the Philippines; after that time many more but i cannot forget that first time.
    Good luck everybody there


  • Anne Cabz(Friday, April 22 11 11:36 am EDT)

    Thanks for your comment on my site Ron.
    Yes our team visited your resort last year. And we had a great experience in you resort.
    Thanks for putting our photos in your FB account :)

  • Louichelle(Tuesday, January 18 11 10:23 am EST)

    wow! im surprised our pictures are here,.. This is my third time staying here in Virgin Beach Resort together with the Korean kids to have our camp. Every camp marks different memories, happy and
    unforgettable memories.. It feels like home staying here that keeps us coming back and made our students comfortable and having fun,,.The swimming pool are their favorite area,..

  • lovelyannlimoran(Monday, November 08 10 10:47 am EST)

    My first visit in Virgin Beach Resort Cebu was just one of the most memorable escapade I've tried. Virgin Beach Resort is really good for family and friends. The place just wonderful for those people
    who want to indulge for fun as well as relaxation. The VBR staff also is just so accommodating that you would never find second thoughts of visiting the resort over and over again. Giving rate to the
    Virgin Beach Resort, I'll give 10 being the highest...two thumbs up for Virgin Beach Resort Cebu. Everyone should have the experience in this place that is a must must- see paradise. More power to

  • jza(Wednesday, November 03 10 11:19 pm EDT)

    I love the place. Its was raining so hard when I got there so I biked around and I felt great. I love the horse back riding and zip lining moments. Its like a place where you can find all the
    instruments of fun. I also like peaceful nights and I also got it there. It was a fantastic experience. I'm not gonna hesitate going back there again.

  • Paul Gahi(Friday, October 29 10 08:28 am EDT)

    Everyone should have a VBR vacation experience! =) the only sad thing is when it is time to go home... to the wonderful people at VBR, tusen tack! Tack för senast!

  • Anric Boholst(Monday, October 18 10 10:30 am EDT)

    Virgin Beach Resort is great especially if you want peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    I hate the food, I hate to stop eating, lol...

    Kudos to Ron and his Family...

    God bless you

  • haina(Sunday, August 29 10 03:13 pm EDT)

    it was really a nice place to stay,,, away from home...VIRGIN BEACH RESORT...u will love the nature beauty...congratulations to mr and mrs ron perry...more power!

  • Leomel(Sunday, August 29 10 12:49 pm EDT)

    I cant say anything but WOW..
    First, I admire how everything started especially about the love story of the Perry family. More blessings and happy moments to come to your family.
    Second, I like the place, even just by watching on the net, seems quite peaceful and safe place to stay for vacation. Wish I could see the beautiful place in the near future.
    Suggestions: Improve and developed more landscapes though it looks good already. hehehehe...
    I wish you have a lot delegates in your resort...

  • Mike W(Thursday, August 26 10 10:18 am EDT)

    What a great ,out of the way, place to relax, recharge, explore, and be taken care of! I have seen Virgin Beach Resort grow from infancy to the oasis it is today. My best simple memories are:
    experiencing the day turn to night from the pool, the best view while enjoying breakfast, karaoke with neighbors, occasional fiestas, the simple quietness allowing me to hear the sway of the banana
    tree leaves, lots of great food and attentive staff, experiencing the "province", walking far outside the property, etc., etc... It's always sad when it's time to leave! Definitely check it out!

  • Rick Manuel(Tuesday, August 17 10 10:45 am EDT)


    Nice website and what an amazing transformation of your resort. When Ninfa and I were there many years ago it was quite primitive. Wow, what a change. I am very happy for you.

    My wife and I have bought a home in Green Valley, AZ and are now someowhat closer to you. We expect to visit the PI in March and will contract you for tickets and reservations for the new and
    improved resort.


    Rick Manuel

  • Mj(Wednesday, June 30 10 03:17 pm EDT)

    I had a wonderful experience at VBR back in 2008. It was really nice to meet the owner in person. He was a nice guy as well as his staff. I strongly recommend to my friends this place for this is
    very affordable, clean and friendly environment.

  • michael terry(Tuesday, May 11 10 07:01 pm EDT)

    HI RON

  • lovee(Friday, April 23 10 11:08 pm EDT)

    wow i cant wait to write my own blog bout VBR... Indeed its home away from home... And we really feel we belong. I have just arrived from Cebu a few hours earlier and i still have in my memory the
    picturesque view of the VBR. Its a place where you can commune with nature and with God. In that place I found Him there...

  • James Stephen Cubarol(Saturday, April 03 10 04:11 am EDT)

    It's so nice in Virgin Beach Resort. Clean swimming pool and lot of activities is in here. I was in vacation at room 19 it was very big room with ref. tv cable and dvd. So what are you waiting for.
    go to the relaxing beach resort

  • viqueiras(Wednesday, March 31 10 12:02 am EDT)

    Ron-Fe, Jr-family...Happy Holy Easter, t.y. so much we really enjoyed VB my son's birthday party..he and his friends really fun swimming and great staff...thanks God Bless VJ family

  • Ross Caldwell(Saturday, February 06 10 11:13 pm EST)

    Staying at Virgin Beach Resort, it is a wonderful place to stay and relax with great staff, please visit my website.

  • MaiChe(Saturday, January 30 10 07:37 pm EST)

    ...the zipline experience is REALLY, REALLY amazing!!! its a MUST exxperience when you are here!...and the food, deliciouso! :D ul be singing "hahanap-hanapin mo" :) ...the fried rice..puchero..even
    the ordinary canned corned beef is made special...namnam! :D...

  • infectious(Saturday, January 30 10 07:32 pm EST)

    virgin beach resort was superb! bonggacious to the max, the experience was worth it! VBR staff were very hospitable and friendly. The amenities were great,lots of fun stuff that you can't feel
    boredom at all. Great place for friends and family, A place where you can chill and get away from the busy city.

  • jammy(Saturday, January 30 10 07:16 pm EST)

    best accommodations! filipino hospitality at it's best which is kinda surprising considering the fact that it's run and owned by a country loving man from california. and can i just say that the
    sunrise is the best i've taken compared to all the other beaches i've been to! will definitely come back and bring more friends to this place!

  • nieco(Saturday, January 30 10 07:07 pm EST)

    expectations met and exceeded more tan 100x fold! I had a great time in my stay in VBR. I would say that it's best asset is the service and the heart you see in the place. I met UNCLE RON and his
    staff. They were all so caring and accomodating. (as cliche as it may sound)You really can feel that it's the home away from home. Will come back soon with my dslr to capture more magic moments. Ü

  • AnNe(Saturday, January 30 10 06:59 pm EST)

    this place gives me a lot of FIRST-TIMES! ...the zipline experience is the best! its not like every resort in the city has this amenity, so the 2hour ride from the city is soooooooooo worth
    it!...PLUS!the pool---its so enticing you just cant resist it!hehehe ...the ambiance is so PINOY which is ironic for the owner is actually a foreigner,,yet you can still say "I belong" ;) ....the
    BEST resort ive been into yet...people are so nurturing and hospitable! REALLY!

  • dilson(Saturday, January 30 10 06:52 pm EST)

    nice place, very nice

  • Danny Bucher(Monday, January 11 10 05:19 pm EST)

    Was in VBR in August and September of 2009-had a great time with girlfriend and really enjoyed stay and service was great. JUNIOR and all the staff were excellent-first trip to Filipines and guess
    what-back in April 2010-then again in September 2010-then in February 2011 I'll spend 8 months in filipines and 4 months back here in Tennessee-will write more later-




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