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Welcome to Virgin Beach Resort Cebu by Penfires


Getting to Virgin Beach Resort is easy! You won’t be lost as long as you ride a bus in Cebu North Bus terminal bound for Daan Bantayan via Maya via Bagay route. Travel time from Northbus to the VBR welcome road signage below is about 3 and a half hour (can be more) and you will pay P140 for the ticket fare per person on a non-aircon bus. Just for insurance inform the conductor that you will be getting off in Sitio Suba just before the Malbago Elementary School or simply tell the conductor to drop you off sa eskina ng Virgin Beach Resort.


As you get off the bus, you’ll see a waiting shed where you can wait for the resort’s free pick-up service. You have to call them to pick you up by the way. If for some reason the vehicle is not available, please take the habal – habal motorcycle ride for P20 per head. You can always walk the whole 1.5 kms stretch to VBR from the national road but I strongly advise against it. It’s far, and if you walk it might zap your energy that otherwise you can use to explore this Cebu resort once you arrive.


Once you arrive at the gates of VBR you’ll see another sign that welcomes you to the resort and then you will fill up your registration form at the front desk of the resort’s main building. After you check-in, you’ll be  led to your hotel room or your duplex cottage. We stayed at two superior rooms at the hotel, one for Titus and the other shared by me, my mom and sister.


Don’t be surprised but you’ll see picture frames of past guests of the resort decorating the walls of the rooms. Different people might have different take on it, for me it was no biggie but my sister find it disturbing as the pictures on our room as well as Titus’ room only shows couples and not barkada or family shots. The displayed frames might lead some people to think that the resort only caters to couples and honeymooners but no, far from it. Virgin Beach Resort welcomes couples, barkadas or group of friends, employees on incentive getaways or summer teambuilding activities, conferences and seminars, special events like parties and weddings,  families on vacations, retirees, long term stays and more.


Superior rooms at Virgin Beach Resort are with aircons and come with a mini safety deposit box, mini ref or fridge, clean restroom, bath with water heater, one special personal pack with toothpaste, soap and shampoo, tv (no cable) and dvd player. Some of the cottages meanwhile offer amenities same as above and in addition cable television and a kitchenette so you can cook your own meals. Cottages are perfect for those looking to book for an extended period as VBR offers special discounted packages for long term stays. Inquire with the hotel for a package that’s perfect for your need so you can save!


Because it was raining when we got to the resort we can’t venture outside. Great thing there are these books, games, magazines, dvds, cable tv on the hotel’s central entertainment area that you can borrow for free. My sister got her hoard of National Geographic magazines and read as we wait for the rain to stop.  BTW, this area also comes with free wifi connection. As for me, I was busy exploring the main building =)


VBR Cebu also has a function room that can accommodate more guests which you can reserve and book for special events like parties, conferences, wedding reception and more!

Luckily the sky cleared before dusk  and we were able to explore the grounds of Virgin Beach Resort. Our feet led us all the way to the beach area and the breakwater! We got tens of pics at the breakwater; it was without a doubt mine and Kenneth’s favorite pictorial place at VBR. You have no idea how many pics we have from there hahahhah  8-)

Virgin Beach Resort is strongly connected with St John the Baptist; hence you can find this statue of San Juan facing the sea. At the side of the statue is a beach volleyball court, one of the facilities offered by this resort in Daanbantayan. They also have a basketball court for those who want to shot some balls and a billiard table at the main hall. What interested us was the facility for wall climbing. You can’t stop us from climbing VBR’s wall hehhehhe!. If you are a bit tired or afraid of heights, you can just climb onto the duyans by the pool or at the hotel. But you will be missing out a lot so you better not hehhehe. From atop the wall you can use the zip line to get down, but unlike the previously mentioned facilities, you’ll pay P200 to use the zip line. They also have mountain bikes that you can use to tour the 2 hectares resort for a minimal pay.


You’ll also find on the resort ground these curious things which later on I found out were golf holes so guests can play a game of mini golf. We did not get to try to golf but we took pics of them hehhehe as the holes represent something significant for the Philippines like the Mayon Volcano, Chocolate Hills, Magellan’s Cross, Guitars, Fishes, Coconuts, Bridge (San Juanico? ), Bahay Kubo and an Outrigger Boat.

But one of the main draws of Virgin Beach Resort is its swimming pool with a water slide. Lots of kids were playing in the pool the afternoon we arrived at VBR.

For day trippers, entrance fee per head for Virgin Beach Resort is P100 for both kids and adults. Day trip is more applicable to guests living in nearby towns but for us who came all the way from Mactan, having an overnight accommodation is a must. You can just bring food with you and spread it on your kiosk counter-top to feast on in between enjoying the pool.

What’s a trip without food right? Food dishes offered at VBR usually are in the range of P120 to P150 a dish. For dinner we had calamares (You MUST try their calamares, I am more than satisfied. I love it!), beef steak, chicken adobo (given to us for free yey!), and chopsuey. One main dish comes with free 1 cup of rice.

Breakfast the following morning – all Metrodeal voucher holders will have free breakfast of French toast and coffee. Good thing their staff Jomar mentioned that we can exchange each of our French toast for a cup of rice. As expected, we exchange the toasts to rice and then we just ordered calamares (again, I really love it), pancit canton and pork adobo. These three viands cost us P150 a dish so it was still affordable.

Kenneth woke me up around 5:30 am to ask for the camera as she was bent on capturing the sunrise at Virgin Beach Resort Cebu. Since I could not sleep again, I’ve also went out that early and mannn was I glad. Why? Because we got more awesome photos at the breakwater, this time with the wonderful sunrise! We went back for breakfast at the pool area, did not hurry up since the pool was still being clean then. At mid day we went back to the beach of  VBR for a last glimpse.  There were already local kids enjoying the waters. They were happily jumping from the breakwater and posing for cameras. Before us, some guests were there too and these kids enjoyed having their photos taken. I requested them to jump in unison, they cooperated only the execution was not flawless hehehhe, nevertheless I am glad that they were enjoying themselves immensely based on their wide smiles and hearty laughs.


NOTE TO READERS:  The resort is tucked away in the sleepy town of Dannbantayan. If your idea of a fun resort vacation is loud parties, mass of guests and dazzling lights, VBR is not for you. BUT if you want to leave reminders of the big city, de-stress and find a venue to truly just relax and enjoy, get on a bus or drive your vehicle and visit Virgin Beach Resort Cebu. Or gather your friends and barkada or colleagues and organize a fun filled party at the resort! The options are limitless!  :mrgreen:

We left the resort close to 11am, the resort’s vehicle was not available then so we had no choice but to have the staff call for habal – habal. Drive back to the shed was a breeze, good thing it was not raining too for rain would have been a problem.  After just about 5 minutes of waiting,  a red Powow bus approaches and we rode on it.  After 10 minutes or so, a Ceres bus has overtaken us hehehe. So anyhow you see, buses passes by Brgy Malbago one after the other, longest wait will probably be around 20 minutes or 30 minutes. Getting back to Cebu City by public commute is not a problem at all.


Our visit to Virgin Beach Resort Cebu in Daan Bantayan is a good way to start Summer 2012! We enjoyed and had an awesome time and you will too! Pack your bag and head to the road, VBR is waiting for you!


Thank you for helping me make the trip to the Philippines to meet the girl of my dreams! I can't begin to express the happiness that I have found meeting and becoming engaged to Melanie. She is the most beautiful, thoughtful, precious young lady in the world and to think that we will spend our whole life just blows me away!


First of all, you were absolutely right about the Philippine culture, traditions, families, food and all the other information you gave in your pink booklet...The Philippine Information Book. When I met the family, it was like a totally different world compared to the families in the U.S. that without your information, I would have been lost.


Thank you also for all the times you answered my questions by email and telephone. It certainly was äbove and beyond"what a regular travel agency would give. The discount airline ticket was also less than I would have paid on the internet cheap ticket sites.


As you know, we spent our "honeymoon" at Virgin Beach Resort and for you to say it is a romantic place is an understatement! Most of the time we were the only couple there and what a fantastic time! Your family sure did pamper us with the best food and service I have seen anywhere. We really enjoyed the swimming pool...especially at night time. The beach was great and you have such wonderful neighbors!


We enjoyed talking to the local people when they went to sea at low tide in the morning and evening and they all really think highly of you. I must say that for all the poor people around the area to think of you as their "benefactor" was really an amazing thing.


Anyway, I just wanted to express my gratitude to you and Fe for making it all possible.


I will highly recommend your services and especially your Virgin Beach Resort. I read some postings of some people on the internet that didn't give VBR very high marks, but they are all wrong. It is the most beautiful, peaceful, restful, romantic, delightful place that I have ever visited.


Keep up the good work and God bless you both.


I just got back from the Philippines and I want to thank you for making my trip a success! You are absolutely was a life-changing event and I'm so grateful to you for all your help. I had a great time and I was introduced to the Filipino culture that you described so accurately.


I did meet some of my pen pals, but I really just wanted to get better acquainted before making a decision. The highlight of my month long trip tho, was staying with you "Virgin Beach Resort".

Cebu City was ok, but since I am a "country boy", I really enjoyed Virgin Beach. Instead of the horns, dogs barking and smog of Cebu City, VBR offered peaceful quiet days and nights where the air and water was clear and unpolluted. It was back to nature for me as I could be alone with my pen pal and not be interrupted by all the attractions of the City. We enjoyed the star-lit nites--wow, there are more stars in the Philippine sky than here in the U.S. (well, so it seems)! We listened to the frogs and crikets...and enjoyed the best alarm clock of all...the roosters crowing!


We really loved the beach...water was clear and warm. We were able to swim every day! Took the boat out a couple of times and enjoyed paddling up and down the coast...seeing the neighbors fishing and especially had fun watching the children swimming.


Ron and Fe, you really have a great staff at VBR. Junior and his wife Josie took wonderful care of us. Eden and his wife Brenda were always there when Junior had to go to Bogo and they pampered us all the time. Alex became a good friend and I think your other sister in law, Elvie was always keeping the hotel dust free...she was constantly cleaning, dusting and sweeping. The food was fact too much for me and I felt guilty about wasting any food so I asked them to just give me "half portions".

The service at VBR was nothing like anything here in the U.S. Everyone there accepted me and treated me like family. Even your nephews and neices began to call me üncle". They are doing such a great job!


There were other guests while I was there and their comments were the same. Its a shame more people haven't taken the time to get off the beaten path and come visit you there at VBR. Once they stay there a few nights, they'll fall in love with the place like I have.


I plan to go back to Cebu next year and stay for up to a year. I certainly will spend most of my time at VBR. In the meantime, I'm sending some small gifts to you to give to the staff there at VBR.


By the way, the swimming pool is complete now and looks like your dream of VBR as a tropical paradise is finally coming true.

by Anthony Kintanar, Cebu, Philippines

BOGO TOWN, located 100 km north of Cebu City, is known for being the cleanest and greenest town in Central Visayas. It has colleges, a new public market, and a world class golf course yet still retains its rustic charm.


Bogo is also a springboard to other towns and islets with fine sand beaches, reefs, deep caves, windy hills and sugarcane fields, fruit orchards, and other nooks for those who want to be near nature.


One of these fine places is a quiet, secluded, yet fun place called Virgin Beach Resort. Ron Perry, a California farmer, arranged for WHAT'S ON to visit this resort, which is managed by the brothers of his Bogohanon wife, Fe. Virgin Beach Resort is located in Barangay Malbago in nearby Daanbantayan town, about 17 km. from Bogo.


Alighting from the private jeepney that took us over a rough, although paved, road from the highway, we were immediately greeted with music from a local rondella group. We thus settled in our respective rooms amidst strains of guitars and bandurias playing traditional local tunes.


The resort immediately strikes one as festive yet restful. The architecture is basically Filipino, and the furniture is of good hardwood material. The reception area has a lounge where guests can talk, read, listen to music, or watch television, much like the living room of a cozy home. Books and video tapes line a wall, and a videoke machine is in the center.


The main lodge has 10 adjoining rooms, each air-conditioned and provided with its own bath facilities. The interior is done in functional but pleasing Filipino designs, accentuated with laminated photographs of smiling friends or guests of the resort, adding a homey kind of atmosphere. There is also a "budget"dormitory, which still provides a good level of comfort.


The grounds of the two-hectar resort are excellent. The concrete pathways are lined with flowering plants. There are cottages, benches and shaded tables dotting the area near the beach itself. At the other end, near the gate, a lofty water-tank kiosko affords a view of both sunrise and sunset.


The food, put simply, is good and plentiful. Virgin Beach Resort primarily offers Filipino Cuisine, with American and European dishes. All kinds of drinks--from fruit juices to alcoholic beverages--are also available. A truly refreshing treat is the array of native, melon, papaya, pineaples, bananas, etc...which may be ordered any time.


But the best thing about the resort is probably its festive and welcoming atmosphere, which is actively shared by the local folks. There is even a weekly song and dance tilt held at the resort, after which a fiesta is held.


The management of Virgin Beach allows local folks to pass by and fish in its area. In view of all this, the resort is generally viewed fondly by folks in Bogo and D'nbantayan.


Then there is also the unhampered view of the stars. On a clear night, one can actually see the constellations, a rare sight in the urban glitter, or even in some other towns in the province. Leyte and its islets gleam in the distance over a calm sea.


Virgin Beach is slowly but surely taking on its full shape. Established in 1993 by Ron and Fe, it has, over the years, grown in terms of infrastructure, much of which was built by hand, and services, which are built by heart.


Ron Perry, a consummate host, makes sure that the guests get as much enjoyment and relaxation during their stay. Guests may also arrange to go island-hopping, scuba diving and take on other adventures. Ron is at present offering time-shares for sale. Virgin Beach is now in the process of expansion. The swimming pool is complete and Ron has plans for a water slide and spa. Ron, and his wife Fe, and their family hope to spend many productive endeavors on the resort, a place which is truely "a tropical paradise".


Thank you so much for providing me with a wonderful Philippine Experience. As a first timer to the Philippines, Farm Tours and Virgin Beach Resort were hands down the best wat to "get my feet wet".


Ron, your experience and knowledge of the Philippines took a lot of confusion and worry out of my trip to visit my pen pal. We shared quiet romantic moments, and also socialized with the other guests, with whom we had much in common. We have made some great new friends who were all there for the same reasons--a love for the Filipino culture and traditions and the desire to find their perfect mates.


The staff was very courteous and very professional. They have a keen awareness of the needs of the guests and the quality of the service was to notch! The meals were GREAT! I cannot compliment the kitchen staff enough!


I would highly recommend Farm Tours and VBR to anyone who appreciates a great vacation without worries, but full of new and interesting experiences. Thanks for the great memories!

MY STAY AT VIRGIN BEACH, by Rusty Ferguson


Jessie and I were lucky enough to Visit the Virgin Beach Resort Cebu in July. I totally fouled up most of the pictures but we had a nice, restful time. A nice room with air con and a ref! (fridge) It is a really nice place for families and a quite get away for a romantic time. Quite a few expats stay there when they first arrive in the Philippines as a way to explore the Philippines without setting up more permanent roots. It is in a remote location in Danbantayan about 30 Km north of Bogo City. Don't hold me to that distance but plus or minus 10km.


Virgin Beach Resort is in a very remote location. The roads were better on this trip than they were two years ago so the area is becoming less remote.  Still, Virgin Beach Resort is off the beaten path.  If you’re looking for some quiet time with that special someone or a low cost place for your Filipino family you should consider Virgin Beach Resort Cebu.


If I had a multicab I’d be up there every week.  It would be a nice place to go for exercise during the heat.  The pool could provide that while also melting.  And there is a rock climbing wall for the more energetic. The rock climbing wall is a simple wall with rocks or something like rocks on the service. Jessie climbed up it but I elected to refrain from that. My pictures of Virgin Beach Resort in Cebu didn’t come out very well.  I had to go back to an old camera and the settings were not right  However, they can give you a better idea of what Virgin Beach Resort has to offer.


Jessie and I had a medium priced room.  One of the lower cost ones with an air con. I was presently surprised to find a ref (fridge) in the room too.  They have satellite TV, I think there is an extra charge for that.  I didn’t get it.


They have rooms for as low as P200 a night! Now that’s a non air con room with a shared CR.  For families they have other larger rooms and they are building several new rooms really aimed at Filipino families.


Ron, the owner, is always fixing and painting something there. There are also always Filipino tending to the grounds and many flowers at Virgin Beach Resort.


There is a karaoke machine in the restuarant if you enjoy that it is there for free. Jessie loves to sing but she won’t do it on a microphone. Me, I just wont sing, even to myself. Its a horrible noise when I do.


Someone said it is a great place to take a new Filipina girlfriend because you can test out if she’s only interested in you taking her shopping. There won’t be much of that there.  No malls, a few things for sale in the Virgin Beach Resort restaurant. Jessie bought a two piece bikini while he still has them.


The resort reduced the price on them to move them. They are hand knit and quite nice.  They normally cost P500 and that is the cost the resort paid for them. Now they are P200. I asked Jessie why she wanted one because I know she doesn’t want to wear a two piece bikini. She explained she wanted to see how they are made. After we got home and I saw her in it, she’s gonna wear it.


Virgin Beach has great staff and are very friendly to me.  This is a Filipino style resort. If you’re not happy with a pension house in Cebu City and require resorts that match Western standards, Virgin Beach Resort is not the place for you.  Many travellers in the Philippines expect to have Western style accommodations for $25 to $30 a night.  They don’t get it at that price and then they complain. There are some places in northern Cebu that provide that but they charge between $150 to $300 or more per night.


Virgin Beach Resort has a very nice pool too. It has a slide for the kids or the kid at heart.  It is set in a well landscaped garden and has two bridges that cross over it.  It is really a very well done pool.  It isn’t deep enough for diving but I’m way too old for that kind of thing. :)  It is chest deep on me, plenty deep enough and has a shallow areas for the young kids too.


You don’t have to stay overnight at the resort to use the pool. You can pay their fee for one of many tables around the pool as well.  If you’re living in Cebu, it would make a great day trip especially if your in Northern Cebu.  I don’t recall their fees for that but you can get it from the link to their website in this article.




Are you planning of having a vacation with your family outside the bustling city? Then Virgin Beach Resort is the perfect place to be. It is situate in the northern part of CebuPhilippines, specifically in Malbago, Daanbantayan. It is about 17 kilometers from the City of Bogo and about 120 kilometers from Cebu City.


Peaceful, quite, private, relaxing and secluded are among the best things that describe Virgin Beach Resort. It is an affordable resort with world classamenities including a swimming poolwith water slidetable games such as ping-pong and billiards, kalesa &horseback riding, biking, karaoke and a lot more. Another good thing about Virgin Beach Resort is the lush greeneries wonderfully developed through the years.


A couple of years after acquiring the land, owners Fe and Ron decided to invest and developed Virgin Beach Resort to become one of Cebu’s top tourist destinations in the future – and after over 15 years of service, not only to the Filipino tourists but also to Foreigners, Virgin Beach Resort has become the best, the cleanest and well-maintained resort in the northern part of Cebu.


The land of Virgin Beach Resort was bought by a Filipina (from Bogo City) Fe Perry and her American husband Ron Perry at only P12.50 per square meter in the 1990s; today, the land costs P200-P500 per square meter. The area during those times was very rocky and the road that leads to Virgin Beach couldn’t be traversed by a motorized vehicle. Now, it’s a totally different place.


Virgin Beach Resort not only served mouth-watering dishes, they also have multi-lingual staffs that are always willing to serve their guests. Their accommodations fit everyone’s budget as they have a wide variety of rooms including the Barkada Lodge, Standard Rooms, Superior Rooms and Deluxe Cottages. It has a 24/7 bar which offers a wide array of delectable drinks.


They have all the amenities you can think of for a beach resort including island hopping, snorkeling, scuba diving and a small golf course. Their newly developed function room can accommodate up to 250 people, complete with chairs and sound system.

Virgin Beach Resort is indeed one of Cebu’s best kept secrets.


How to get there

Take a jeepney or taxi going to Cebu City North Bus Terminal. From the bus terminal, take the Ceres Bus with “Daanbantayan, Maya via Bagay” route. Tell the driver or conductor to let you off at the corner going to Virgin Beach Resort – the waiting shed just before the Malbago Elementary School. Habal-habal (single motorcyle) can take you to Virgin Beach Resort for P20 or you can contact JR, Nikka or Jomar at +63 915 445-6990 to pick you up by jeepney at the corner.



A couple of months ago, Penfires and Field Trip Boy got an invitation from Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Fe Perry to come and visit their little haven in Daan Bantayan in North Cebu.  The couple owns Virgin Beach Resort, a private beach resort that has a lot of facilities for fun filled picnics, quite vacations, memorable family reunions and team buildings.


It is also a good thing that they’ve come up with a promo in Metrodeal Cebu so that we can bring others with us, at discounted rates, for this early summer outing. So armed with an invitation in one hand and a Metro Deal Cebu discount voucher in the other, FTB, Cecille, her mom and sister went to VBR in a sunny Saturday morning to officially kick start the summer of 2012. This is my first time to go this far North so I’m a bit excited.


Going to the Cebu North Bus Terminal from the Mactan International Airport takes 2 rides. First, board the yellow airport Multicab and go down in Marina Mall. From there, board a jeepney bound for SM City Cebu. Tell the driver to drop you in Cebu North Terminal. Here you can find a lot of buses such as, Ceres Liner buses, bound for the northern towns of Cebu. Please remember to board only buses bound for Daan Bantayan via Maya-Bagay route.


The trip will take you around 3 hours or a bit more. Fare is 140 pesos for ordinary buses. Getting hungry would not be a problem for the bus stops at a carinderia in Carmen, Cebu for a quick break. You could also buy lots of Cebu’s native delicacies and kakanin, such as Budbod Kabog ( Suman using a different kind of cereal) and Pintos ( looks like Tamales), during your stop in the City of Bogo.


Virgin Beach Resort is just around the border of the towns of Daan Bantayan and Medellin, Cebu. You just have to ask your bus conductor to drop you at the waiting shed of Sitio Suba. There are also a lot of signs along the way telling how far you are from VBR.


From the waiting shed, you can either call the resort to pick you up for free or ride the habal-habal for 20 pesos per person. The resort is 1.5 kilometers from the high way.


Virgin Beach Resort has a coral beach. During low tide in the early hours of the morning, you can see a lot of marine life such as star fish, snails and crabs. It is one of the best ways to teach your kids about science and nature.The tide returns around mid morning and the surf is not so deep, making it suitable for kids to play in the beach.


Aside from the beach, Virgin Beach Resort also boasts a beautiful swimming pool with a water slide. A portion of the pool is a bit shallow and is suited for small kids while the other side is about 4 feet deep and is perfect for your water slide splash.


Virgin Beach Resort also has a full basketball court and a full beach volley ball court. They also rent out mountain bikes as well as mini golf equipment. A billiard table sits at the entrance of the main building. You could also try some wall climbing as well as a short ride at the zip line. Boat rides and island hoping are also available per request.


VBR also has a restaurant that serves good native inspired food such as pancit canton, chicken and pork adobo, deep fried calamares and chopsuey. You can have your food served in your cottage, inside the restaurant or even at the pool side. The Metrodeal voucher includes a breakfast consisting of french toasts and coffee, but we exchanged the toasts for steamed rice and ordered and pay extra for our pancit canton, pork adobo and calamares for 150 pesos each.


For those who would want to stay overnight or longer, the resort has a hotel located in their main building. There are also a lot of duplex cottages that can accommodate large groups or families. They also have rooms for a good size barkada or a team of employees. Some cottages are equipped with cooking equipments so that you can cook your own food.


Virgin Beach Resort also has a big function room perfect for debuts, Christmas parties, family reunions, class reunions, seminars, weddings, baptismals and other social functions.


The hotel room I’ve stayed in is clean (you can walk bare foot). Even the comfort room is clean and it has a working water heater installed. A television and a DVD player are also provided. You can borrow some DVDs, books and some mini games in the common room for free.

You are visitor number:


Virgin Beach Resort Sitio Suba, Barangay Malbago, Daanbantayan 6013 Cebu, Philippines.


Globe Cell 0917-307-8341 

GlobeCell 0977-822-9418

Landline 032-354-8661


Your Hosts, Ron & Fe Perry

1542 E. Glenwood Ave.

Tulare Ca 93274 U.S.A.

Cell/Txt 559-736-0401

Phn/Fax 559-688-4835


Contact Us By Email!



Barkada Lodge 0 of 2

Superior Room 1 of 10

Small Deluxe Room 1 of 6

Large Deluxe Room 1 of 4

Family Room 0 of 2


For current published rates visit our Rooms and Rates Page.

Virgin Beach Blog

Greetings from Virgin Beach Resort Cebu.  Please check here daily for a new blog about Virgin Beach Resort, The Philippines, Cebu and any interesting related subjects about our unique place.

Virgin Beach Resort is temperarily closed due to the general community quarentine of the covid virus. We will open soon and let you know here when we do.


We look forward to serving you again at Virgin Bach Resort.


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